Our Debutantes

Debuts are definitely a milestone women celebrate. Jefferson Si joins these girls as they come of age and bloom into gorgeous ladies. Making these ladies the star of their nights, the only woman that will shine and immerse from the crowd, with the towering yet comfortable heels. Here are some ladies who walked, and danced on their Jefferson Si Heels.

Thank you so much po! Thank you for making my night as wonderful (and as painless) as possible po (#jeffersonsidebutante)

Jacinta Jocson

“Hi ahia !! I am honestly surprised how I lasted the whole night in my 4 inch debut shoes and thats coming from a girl who doesnt regularly where heels !!! Like I didnt feel pain at all as in ! No regrets talaga that i got my shoes made by you !! Every practice I was able to where my debut shoes and my practices would often last for hours ! I was also able to dance in them, in my cotillion and solo dance, iba talaga if jefferson si HAHA thank you so much ahia !!! Next time sana for my wedding naman !!

Charmaine Jhaneen Lee

“Hello Sir Jefferson! Thank you for making 2 of my debut shoes. I was in awe when I wore it and didn’t feel the pain I feel when I would usually wear heels. It was totally amazing how I was able to walk well, dance well, and even run in the heels! There are no regrets! Thank you so much!!”

Florieli Geisel Po